Current Students

Meghana Desai (Research Assistant)

Audrey Hung (M.S. student)

Don Lynx (Ph.D. student)

Seng Wee “Darren” Toh (Research Assistant)

Hongjun Yin (Ph.D. student)

Former Students

Ken-Yu Chang
Ph.D. Thesis (2002): Effects of Social Inequality on Stage at Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer in Illinois

Mehul Dalal
M.S. Thesis (2000): Determinants of Patient Satisfaction with Asthma Care at an Outpatient Clinic

Sanjay Gandhi
Ph.D. Thesis (1998): SF-12 in Arthritis Clinical Trials: Psychometric Evaluation and Development of Arthritis-Specific Health Indices

Jeann Lee Gillespie
M.S. Thesis (1993): Physicians’ Evaluations of Pharmacists’ Drug Allergy Intervention Messages

Gina Gilomen-Study
Ph.D. Thesis (1998): Predicting Managed Care Prescribing Using the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Theory of Planned Behavior

Li-Chiun Daphne Hsiao
Ph.D. Thesis (1997): Drug Cost Sharing and Willingness to Pay for Prescribed Medication Purchase Among HMO Diabetic Enrollees

Catherine Leventis
M.S. Thesis (2001): Analysis of Structure-Function Claims of Herbal Products

Swu-Jane Lin
Ph.D. Thesis (2000): Diffusion of Healthcare Technology: Adoption of Fentanyl Patch by Physicians in Illinois

Yudan Luo
M.S. Thesis (1997): Strategic Analysis of Zantac and Tagamet Print Advertising in a Dynamic Market

Vinit Nair
M.S. Thesis (2004): Estimation of Hepatotoxic Drug Use and Outcomes in Managed Care as a Medication Error Reduction Strategy

Sudhir Sanugale
M.S. Thesis (2001): Understanding the Cost Of Sepsis: Differences in the Length of Stay, Mortality and Hospitalization Costs Between Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Sepsis

Vishweshwar L. Shetty
M.S. Thesis (2001): Psychometric Properties of the Health Status Measurement Instrument in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Michael Sliwoski
M.S. Thesis (1994): The Role of the Community Pharmacist in Diabetes Management

Satish Srinivasan
M.S. Thesis (1994): Compliance in Pharmacist-Physician Interactions in Health Care Delivery

Eskinder Tafesse
Ph.D. Thesis (2000): Factors Affecting Medical Outcomes of Rehabilitation Among Stroke Patients

Jason Tan
M.S. Thesis (2004): Comparing Exhaustive CHAID and Logistic Regression Models in Explaining the Prescribing of Antidepressants

Hema Viswanathan
M.S. Thesis (2001): Management of Hypertension from the Patient’s Perspective

Gregory J. Zaborniak
M.S. Thesis (1993): A Gap Analysis of the Buyer-Provider Dyad: Pharmacists–Drug Wholesaler Personnel